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As of May 22, 2023 World Vision India (WV India) learned its license to receive deposits of international donations into its bank account was cancelled by the government of India. In recent months, World Vision and nearly 20,000 other organizations have been impacted by the Indian government’s decision to eliminate international donations. Fortunately, World Vision programs fully funded by supporters within India continue to help vulnerable children and their families.


India was the second-hardest country hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of number of cases worldwide, with 43 million people infected by April 2022. Already-vulnerable children were hit hardest, as they lost parents and caregivers to the virus.

Partnering since


people reached




Level of Fragility

Low Developing

Gender Equality Rank


youth who rank themselves as thriving on the ladder of life increased from

24% to 52%

Fatehpur and Gurgaon

2016 - 2022

youth who report having a strong connection with their caregiver increased from

73% to 79%

Fatehpur and Gurgaon

2016 - 2022

1,636children attended early childhood development centres.


2,270people participated in trainings, counseling or activities that teach healthy nutrition and feeding practices.


15,833children and youth participated in groups and clubs, gathering with peers to develop new skills and positive values.

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Country Details

In India, World Vision works in 200 districts, impacting around 2.6 million children and their families in over 6,200 communities spread across 24 states and 1 union territory to address issues affecting children in partnership with governments, civil societies, donors and corporations.
World Vision India

World Vision India is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of India's most vulnerable children. We do this by partnering with communities at the grassroots level; with supporters in India and across the world; and with civil society, corporations and local and national governments to create an environment where all children are educated, healthy, protected and valued.

Our work is facilitated through area programs, a model of development that involves long-term engagement in a geographical area to transform the lives of children and communities.

In partnership with communities, we assess the needs and create a collaborative plan based on their vision for its children. Together, we look at what's already being done, what more can be done, and what we can do together.

We work through programs focused on ensuring access to nutrition, healthcare, water and sanitation, quality education and livelihoods for the sustained well-being of children. Ensuring a secure childhood is paramount to our work, which we strive to fulfill by building communities that are safe and fit for children.

World Vision India also brings life-saving support in times of disaster. We are committed to long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their feet. We also work to make vulnerable communities more resilient so they can respond immediately if disasters occur.

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Unless otherwise stated, data presented on this page reflects the most up-to-date results of World Vision Canada programs reported between October 2022 and September 2023, and any previous fiscal years available. Previously reported data may not match the current presentation as we continuously receive and refine data from our programs. If you have any questions, kindly reach out to us.