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MenCare Facilitators' Training Manual


World Vison Canada

The World Vision Canada (WVC) “MenCare Facilitators’ Training Manual” provides step-by-step guidance for facilitators to engage participants in the MenCare approach, equipping men with critical knowledge and skills to help them become more active parents, equitable, non-violent partners, and champions for gender equality in their communities. While women and girls have enormous potential as advocates and change agents for their own health and equality, this Manual seeks to engage men to work alongside women as partners and catalysts for gender-transformative change. It challenges the strong societal and cultural resistance to male involvement as contributors to family health and well-being, and to provide a tool to increase men’s accountability and engagement to influence positive decision making, particularly on health seeking behaviours and utilization of reproductive health services. It is a practical tool to engage men as allies in advancing gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment.


The overall goal of MenCare is to engage men in effective ways to reduce gender inequalities and to promote the health and well-being of women and girls, including putting an end to all forms of gender- based violence. As fathers, men benefit by developing closer and more emotionally connected relationships with their children and stronger bonds with fellow fathers over their shared experience of fatherhood. This Manual gives all men the freedom to question dominant ideas about manhood and/or fatherhood and redefine their own type of masculinity that rejects rigid gender roles, denounces violence, respects women and girls, and shares decision‐making power and control over household resources without succumbing to cultural stereotypes. All of this supports WVC’s vision of a more equal future with women and girls.


You can find the Mencare facilitator’s training manual for download below:

A MenCare session taking place in Myanmar. World Vision’s adoption of MenCare helped men and boys in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, and Tanzania become allies in the fight against all forms of gender‐based violence

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